Community Choices Canal | Glasgow

How To Vote

Thank you for your interest in 3C Community Choices Canal we are so pleased to have so many great applications.

You have 3 votes to use (you must use all 3) you can spread your votes over the 3 categories, giving a vote each to a pink fund, yellow fund, and blue fund. Or you may want all your votes to the main yellow, blue, or pink fund.

We want to make the voting as fair as possible so we are putting the applications into 3 categories. A bit like the X-Factor under 25s, over 25s, and The Groups!

  • Pink is the Try it Out fund for local people and groups without bank accounts that want to try out an idea or got some equipment for a group. This funds is for £500-£1000.
  • Yellow The Main Fund this is for local organisations and groups with a bank account who have an idea to improve employment opportunities in the Canal ward area. This fund is mainly for paying staff, rent for a place to hold the project or any other costs to run the project. This fund is for up to £30,000
  • Blue is the Capital Fund this is for local organisations again who want equipment to carry out employability projects. They may want computers, office equipment or to fix up or repair their building to it’s a nicer place for people to come to.

Have a good read of all the applications and place your vote on the ones you think will do the best job.

You’re still welcome along to the voting event/fun day on the 26th of May 11:00-15:00 at Possilpoint Community Centre, you can’t vote again but you can enjoy the free entertainment, find out more about who you voted for, and the best part-find out who wins!